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SUQA Monthly Financial Statement: January 2019


As we move on with our project, we would like to keep you updated monthly by informing you with our activity on how our resources are being used in order to be transparent as possible.

Following is a summary of how we’ve spent our income on December 2018.

First, let us remind how we divide the resources:

  • Founders Fee %9.090909
  • Marketing %1.75
  • Exchanges Listing %1.75
  • Web Developing %0.5
  • Legal Fees %0.1
  • Dev Fee %2.5
  • Foundation Rewards %2.5

Distribution of funds

Komodo integration for KMD developers 1M SUQA (0.5 BTC equivalent)

Marketing, Web Development, Admins and Moderators (We have 6 Telegram, 8 Discord, 1 Twitter, 1 Reddit, 1 Btctalk and 1 Medium moderators and a Campaign Manager) Total 350K SUQA

Content Writer 300K SUQA (350$ equivalent)

2 Graphic Designers 500K SUQA (600$ equivalent)

Press releases until the end of 2019 850K SUQA (1000$ equivalent)

Community Bounties (Btctalk Signature, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter) 1M SUQA

Mobile Apps 300K SUQA (350$ equivalent)

Summary of our all expenses this month (January 2019) : 4.3M SUQA

Summary of our all expenses up to January 2019 are 25.975M SUQA

A total sum of 30.275M SUQA has been spent.

Here’s our developer fee wallet address where anyone can double check our expenditures.

As always we would like to improve ourselves by hearing your feedback on our progress and are open to your suggestions. Come and join us at your favorite social media of choice and join our community!

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